Frequently Asked Questions

How is it possible to offer organic food at these prices? 

Even in the organic industry, it happens quite often that more food is produced than can regularly be sold. Business partners go bankrupt, contracts are breached or the customers suddenly prefer green to pink chocolate unicorns. In such cases, even the best organic products might not find use. Due to our great networking within the European organic sector, we can find such goods in large quantities and make incredibly good offers.

Isn’t it wrong to sell food on the cheap?

We work with food that would not sell in normal markets. This gives everybody the option to afford organic food from famous organic brands – not even from private label discount brands. We think that this is a genius way of “upcycling”. Our food is only available for a limited time, so don’t think for too long. 🙂

What is the shelf life, and what does the shelf life mean?

The “best before” date or “shelf life” is printed on the products and stated on each product page at our website. All our products are within these date ranges. However, please remember that this date does not give an indication about when a product goes bad (i.e. is not fit to eat any more). The date is used for your orientation about the time range in which the manufacturer guarantees taste and quality. Often the manufacturer prints a shorter date than necessary, for example if the distributor wishes so, or for other internal reasons.

For example, the spreads we offer mainly have a best before date of November 23, 2017 (one variety has October 7, 2017). However, they are surely good for consumption much longer, and at manufacturing time they could also have received a best before date late in the year 2019. We would even continue eating these products after 2019, becuase they are made with great care and are not subject to relevant changes during storage.

These spreads are a super great deal! How much can I buy?

Yes, we agree. It’s not often that you find such an opportunity. You can order as much as you like, and as long as our stocks last.  And if you ask us, we think that you can order a large quantity for long-time use.

Where do you ship to, and how long will it take?

We ship to the entire EU and are preparing to ship to Switzerland too. Our shipping costs are extremely low. Our warehouse partner usually sends out stuff at the same or the next business day. We use DHL and UPS.

What does shipping cost?

Nothing if you order for 30 Euro or more within Germany and there are no chillled items in your cart, of 6,25 Euro if you have chilled items in your order and pay less than 50 Euro. To Austria, Belgium, the Netherlands and Denmark, we ship non-chilled stuff for free any orders for 60 Euros or more. Below that we charge 7 Euro. For the rest of the EU, shipping is either 10 Euro or you should order for 120 Euro or more. Please try out our cart and see for many other combinations of shipping options.

What about chilled shipping?

This works great: Our chilled shipping contains – depending on the order quantity – at least one kilogram of chilling mass. This is deep frozen to minus 28 °C. During shipping, this mass takes up a lot of energy: The transformation from ice to water is aequivalent to a temperature change of 82 °C, and then you can add the normal temperature difference, for example from minus 28 °C to 8 °C. Even if the cooling agent is not frozen at arrival, it still has taken up a lot of heat energy during the process. You can elegantly use the cooling agent – be surprsied! The concept is made for a shipping time of one or two days. If you wish, you can also use UPS Express Saver shipping, and then your stuff will arrive till 12 PM the day after shipping. But we think normal shipping is fine too.

What about the styrofoam box?

This works just like the normal chilled shipping, but additionally we will use a styrofoam box. We offer this options as some customers insist on a lot of insulation, and we respect those wishes. But if you ask us, it’s not really necessary. Our items are very stable and do not go bad easily, and we also offer the option to use UPS Express Saver, so that your items arrive the next working day after shipping till 12 PM. Anyways, if you order the styrofoam box, we would be glad if it could find a good use even after it safely protected your oderered items. 🙂

Why is your food always organic and always vegan?

Many problems in this world are based on how we treat the natural resources. We think that organic food is always better and healthier than comparable conventional products. Vegan food additionally feeds people directly, without first using “farm animals” for that.
We could give you a long speech, but in summary we think that organic and vegan can help a lot to ensure a future for humans and this planet.

Fair Trade?

Yes, we would love to also make fair trade a mandatory criteria. However, the market is still too small for that. Whenever we have the opportunity to get fair trade products for you, we will jump for it immediately.
Whenever we are able to make fair and responsible choices, we make them. For example, our logistics partner veganbasics in Kiel, Germany, is such a choice. We know Lars for a long time and think that he does a great job. His warehouse is run entirely on ecological power and he treats his entire stuff like a family. We think that is importang.

We also usually know our suppliers well and for years. Many of them belong to the founding fathers and mothers of the organic movement and believe in organic food just as much as we do.

Well, I have more questions!

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You are so great! What can I do?

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