The idea behind Veggie Specials

Even in the organic industry, it happens quite often that more food is produced than can regularly be sold. Business partners go bankrupt, contracts are breached or the customers suddenly prefer green to pink chocolate unicorns. In such cases, even the best organic products might not find use.

We want to change that! We use our great networking with the European organic sector to find amazing, unbelievable offers for you! The products we offer are always vegan and always organic, and we like then and eat them ourselves.

Of course, our food fulfills all laws and regulations for foodstuffs in the European Union, and our business is also certified and monitored by the especially cool organic certification agency DE-ÖKO-007.

Please participate in these great offers, order your food today, and subscribe to our newsletter to stay up to date with all our latest discoveries.

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Thank you so much for reading this and supporting our project!

Matthias Beuger