6x350g Veganz Porridge Cinnamon Spice

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6 packs – per pack only €2.99 instead of €4.99!

Your great start to the day is secured with Cinnamon Spice Porridge! 🙂
A sweet and spicy touch is achieved by cinnamon and carefully selected spices that are simply divine!
The preparation is super-easy! With Veganz Porridge you can enjoy a sustainable breakfast, even though you have too little time for a well-balanced meal in the morning.

Best-before date: 03.02.2019 or better (not expiry date – see FAQ)

Heat 125 ml rice drink, pour 50 g Porrdige over it and stir well. Let it rest for 3-4 minutes and stir again – enjoy!

Of course vegan & organic! 🙂

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