Viana Bahia Beach Power – special offer – 8 units 140 g each

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Viana Bahia Beach Power is a light spread based on lentils with plenty of coconut milk, pineapple and a mildly spicy curry seasoning. This makes it not just an elegantly fresh summer spread, but also a perfect spread or sauce base.

Best-before date: 25. November 2017  (not expiry dare – see FAQ)

Our tip: Viana Bahia Beach Power is ideal for sandwiches with light bread, for instance with fresh lettuce and herbs.
Another tip: Extend with a little coconut milk and serve with fresh vegetables and a homemade veggie patty. Perfect!

This delicious spread comes from the company Tofutown. Tofutown has been lovingly making delicious veggie organic products for 30 years and is thus one of the revolutionaries from the very beginning.

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