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Bio Baba Ganoush is a savoury vegan organic spread made from eggplant. Its characteristic, mildly bitte and savoury flavour comes from the combination with sesame paste. It tatses great on brown bread is just as much an integral part of Arabian cuisine as its “big” brother Hummus. If you don’t know it yet, you absolutely have to try it.

Our Tip: Can be used like hummus. Simply spread is on bread and garnisch with parsley or enjoy it in a homemade falafel sandwich.

Another tip: Great as part of Middle Eastern platters with hummus, tabouleh, dried or pickled vegetables amd falafel.

This delicious spread comes from the company Tofutown. Tofutown has been lovingly making delicious veggie organic products for 30 years and is thus one of the revolutionaries from the very beginning.

Another spread that goes really well with this one is Heide Sonnenhummus! But be sure to try the Bauernschmaus as well!

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