Viana Organic Spreads – sampling set – 8 x 140 g

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This sampling set contains a assortment of all the available spreads, so you can simply try and find out what you like best. There is at least one jar of each flavour:

Bahia Beach Power
Viana Bahia Beach Power is a light spread based on lentils with plenty of coconut milk, pineapple and a mildly spicy curry seasoning. This makes it not just an elegantly fresh summer spread, but also a perfect spread or sauce base.

Viana Bauernschmaus
Viana Bauernschmaus spread is especially savoury and hearty. Smoked tofu and onions give it a uniquely smoky, tasty flavour. It tastes much better than liverwurst and is of course organic and vegan.

Zwiebelmettvurst Reloaded has lots of onions and roasted onions and is especially versatile. You can use it as a hearty, savoury spread, but also for tasty soups and casseroles.

Bio Baba
Bio Baba Ganoush is a savoury vegan organic spread made from eggplant. Its characteristic, mildly bitte and savoury flavour comes from the combination with sesame paste. It tatses great on brown bread is just as much an integral part of Arabian cuisine as its “big” brother Hummus. If you don’t know it yet, you absolutely have to try it.

Heide Sonnenhummus
Mhhh…hummus. This hummus from Viana is made from organic chickpeas according to a traditional recipe and is much more than a sandwich spread. It can also be served in its own right as a great side dish for Middle Eastern dishes or a dip.

Unser Tip: All the spreads can be used in many ways. They taste just as good used as dips. They’re also great for ccoking, for instance for making sauces. You can find more tips on the individual spreads’ pages.

Thes delicious spreads come from the company Tofutown. Tofutown has been lovingly making delicious veggie organic products for 30 years and is thus one of the revolutionaries from the very beginning.

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