5 x 200g Wheaty Vegan BBQ Mix

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(1,40  / 100 g)

5 packs – only €2.39 per piece instead of €3.99!
The Wheaty Brat Mix adds variety to the grill or frying pan! Whether hearty sausages with Majorcan, chorizo ​​sausage with strong peppers or a spicy-peppery steak – there is no boredom here!

Best-before date: 07.12.18 or better (not expiry date – see FAQ)

The product can be frozen at -18 ° C for up to 6 months on the day of purchase. Do not refreeze after defrosting.

Simply brush with a little oil and put it on both sides of the grill; finished. Or sauté with a little oil in the pan.

Target group:
From schoolchildren to adults

The company:
Topas is a family business and a regional company since 1993. Klaus Gaiser, company founder and CEO of TOPAS, is actually a sinologist, a Japanese scientist and a cultural scientist. He learned seitan production during study visits to Asia in the 1970s. Even today, the Swabian inventor and vegan expert develops all products himself and always manages to bring real innovations to the market.

You can find more about Wheaty here: https://www.wheaty.de/

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